2019 Speaker

Vivek Iyyani

Singapore |

Vivek Iyyani doesn’t just speculate about what it is to be a Millennial in a workplace steeped in Industrial Age thinking, he lives it and coaches peer Millennials in workplace success strategies.  Vivek brings a personal Millennial viewpoint as well as the Asia perspective on the Millennial Disruption.

Having first addressed the quarter-century crisis – faced by youths in nearly every country – by offering courses through colleges and universities Vivek turned his attention to the empowerment of Millennial in finding then then doing meaningful work.  His methods are based on the personality, strengths and passions of his clients, aiming to help them to be productive and accountable throughout their journey of establishing their career, be it as an employee or as an entrepreneur.

Vivek consults to companies, assisting them in engaging their Millennial employees more effectively and providing tools and understanding to managers that have difficulty working with Millennials.