Conference Sessions in Alphabetical Order

Each session is tagged with one or more themes
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  • Attracting and Retaining Millennial Mindset Talent
  • Business Transformation
  • Emerging Approaches to Performance Management and Developing the New Knowledge Worker
  • How to Lead and Motivate New Generations
  • Organization Values & Beliefs Shifts That Create Agility
  • Reaching the New Customer
  • The Millennium Age Mindset Defined


Everyone in business today will benefit from the concepts and wisdom conveyed by the speakers in this conference, so ticket offers and prices are designed to provide greatest accessibility and fullest participant learning experience. 

In this one event anyone, in any demographic, sector, or industry can get real practical advice and knowledge that helps them navigate in a radically changing world.

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GMT-8 The level of transparency in business is increasing as humanist and consumer concerns gain in importance. With this transparency and the growing sophistication of the knowledge worker, coupled with
GMT-8 Helping Industrial Age thinkers understand Millennium Age thinkers is a role the x-Gen people often play, but can they do all the translating alone? This talk delves into practical
GMT-8 Acceptance that transformation is constant for the foreseeable future is the subject of much conversation no matter which industry or field you're in.  But the conversation rarely translates to
GMT-8 A startling realization is making its way across North America and the rest of the world... that Millennial's not only don't want to buy from pre-millennium and government organizations,
GMT-8 It's clear that just putting your business online isn't enough to digitally transform.  Many organizations have taken a decade or more to go-digital with a correspondingly large price tag.
GMT-8 Everyone's talking about Agile as holding a promise of delivering organizational agility, when in reality Agile is a software development method founded in small, well defined pieces of work
GMT-8 Conference founder Dr. Linda Miller pinpoints the key value and belief system reversals of the emerging Millennium Age and their implications for organizations.  Defining the depth to which these
GMT-8 Setting the tone for the day, this keynote explores an often overlooked and rarely messaged truth about business transformation... that it's largely about using what you have rather than
GMT-8 Tagged with all manner of speculation from all corners of society, the struggle to understand just what new generations are really all about– and more importantly what their intentions
GMT-8 Panelists speculate on the future workplace following the trajectories of what the new generations value and seek. Starting questions for the panel are: What does the future organization structure
GMT-8 This talk is a discussion of precisely what drives the new generation consumer to buy, opt-in, or respond to marketing techniques, and how different those techniques need to be
GMT-8 Interpreting, communicating and then implementing the shifts in thinking that organizations must make in order to remain relevant and viable heading into the Millennium Age is no easy task.
GMT-8 Everyone talks about the millennial mindset and refers to the millennial disruption, but what exactly is disruptive about a mindset? This talk by Seren Dalkiran, Ph.D. explores the fundamental
GMT-8 Everyone talks about the millennial mindset and refers to the millennial disruption, but what exactly is disruptive about a mindset? This talk explores the fundamental differences in how new
GMT-8 The importance of creating flexible workplaces that entice new generations grows year over year and yet many organization are still expecting their staff to either adhere to 9 to
GMT-8 Adjacent to resiliency development programs and acknowledgment of the 'change curve' ways that people respond to and move through change, there are a set of 12 powerful questions that
GMT-8 With the picture of how new generations are motivated firmly in mind, this talk gets really specific about what the new generations' aspire to. Touching on the subjects of