Jason Dorsey

Texas USA


Bringing a new approach to solving generational challenges. I deliver customized keynote speeches on new ways to bridge generations. I also lead research into the *hidden* generational trends upending business—and what to do about them.

My adventure started when I wrote my first bestselling book at age 18. I’m now writing a book about Gen Z. In my day job, I’m President of The Center for Generational Kinetics, the #1 Gen Z and Millennial research and consulting firm. We serve 150+ clients each year.

– Standing o’s at events with attendees from 80+ countries
– Headlined events from Singapore and Paris to India, Mexico, and Chile

I lead CGK’s research and consulting around the world. We uncover new, specific solutions to Gen Z and Millennial challenges for clients:
– Driven record sales growth for an auto client
– Reinvigorated a hotel brand to win affluent Millennials
– Taken a company from last to first in employee retention

I’ve appeared on:
– 60 Minutes, The Today Show, The Early Show, CNN, CNBC, and 200+ TV shows
– In The New York Times, Fortune, The Wall Street Journal and 100s more