2019 Speaker

Janet Kieffer

Texas USA |

Having been an acclaimed speaker across the US for a number of years, Janet Kieffer joins the conference to talk about the Millennial influences that are already shaping how our government and utility organizations view and value their employees, and how these influences are felt globally.

Janet Kieffer has more than 25 years in the Power Industry that offers CEOs, Owners and CHROs a “how to” roadmap for influencing, attracting, integrating, engaging and retaining Millennials – a workforce very different from retiring Boomer executives and Gen X managers.

Her expertise focuses on 5 critical things companies must do to win the Millennial Talent War:
1. Understand the coming Millennial Tsunami and why they hold the power
2. Become Cool – 7 steps to attracting Millennials, because…if you aren’t cool, Millennials aren’t coming
3. Offer a compelling Employer Value Proposition – the “What’s in it for me if I work for you?” value that Millennials require
4. Craft an “Employee Experience” Workplace – as Millennials expect to be empowered in a workplace culture that is connected 24/7 by social media / mobility tools, allowing them to engage anywhere, anytime with anyone. Early adopter companies (like Toyota) that create Employee Experience workplaces can expect 40% ROI.
5. Retain talented Millennials who will have $$$$, titles and fast-track career paths thrown at them from competitors desperate for talent.