Shifts in Thought Between the ‘Ages’ are the Guide for Business Transformation

November 10, 2019 4:00 pm


Interpreting, communicating and then implementing the shifts in thinking that organizations must make in order to remain relevant and viable heading into the Millennium Age is no easy task. Leaders and front line workers alike must somehow grasp and incorporate these shifts in order to reshape their organizations and create the speed of transformation needed for the organization to survive and thrive.

This talk presents the opposing success drivers, assumptions, and beliefs between the Industrial Age norms most businesses are still rooted in, and those of the emerging Millennium Age. A clear, concise way of understanding the shifts is offered as a set of universal characteristics that organizations around the globe can use to guide their business transformation - using the Information Age markers as the conduit - and as tools to maintain constant forward movement of transformation initiatives.

Dr. Linda Miller

Vancouver Canada | Driven by a ‘grass-roots IT’ passion for empowering the lives of people through the technology Dr. Linda  Miller has worked on the leading edge of technology for ...
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Themes: Business Transformation; Organization Values & Beliefs Shifts That Create Agility; The Millennium Age Mindset Defined;