Reaching the New Consumer Where They Are

November 10, 2019 2:00 pm


This talk is a discussion of precisely what drives the new generation consumer to buy, opt-in, or respond to marketing techniques, and how different those techniques need to be to grab the new generation time and money.

With new generations taking the advice from social media peers over touted experts and preferring the 3-second video experience as the interested or not qualifier,  pre-millennium businesses - especially long established iconic institutions - are lost as to how to reach next generation consumers.  Is there a natural understanding of how to connect in the Millennium Age that pre-millennium businesses don't get and perhaps never will?

Guidance for reaching the new generation consumer is presented.

Somi Arian

London, UK | Somi Arian is a multi-award winning filmmaker, entrepreneur, speaker, Founder of Smart Cookie Media, and Co-Founder of Career Drive, the first online platform for millennials and Gen ...
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Themes: Reaching the New Customer; The Millennium Age Mindset Defined;