Misunderstanding the New Generations

November 10, 2019 3:00 pm


Tagged with all manner of speculation from all corners of society, the struggle to understand just what new generations are really all about– and more importantly what their intentions are – is a global matter. Moreover, how new generations respond to the environmental, workplace, and financial conditions they are arriving into as adults plays a large part in how our global socio-economic landscape is shaped.

This talk, decomposes the psychological responses new generations have as they arrive in the workforce for the first time.  Stigmas and criticisms are exposed, giving way to new clarity about what we anticipate will drive the new generations. Global and Asian viewpoints are presented.

Vivek Iyyani

Singapore | Vivek Iyyani doesn’t just speculate about what it is to be a Millennial in a workplace steeped in Industrial Age thinking, he lives it and coaches peer Millennials ...
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Themes: How to Lead and Motivate New Generations; The Millennium Age Mindset Defined;