Building Bridges for Generational Gaps at Work

November 11, 2019 4:00 pm


Helping Industrial Age thinkers understand Millennium Age thinkers is a role the x-Gen people often play, but can they do all the translating alone?

This talk delves into practical techniques and key messages that assist both ends of the demographic scale talk to each other and be productive when working in close quarters and suggests some clear leverage to be gained in making an investment in leadership and learning development specifically for this purpose.

Trevor Gormley

Tennessee USA | Trevor Gormley is the founder of the Millennial View, a consulting firm dedicated to helping companies effectively integrate their current operations with new strategies to better fit ...
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Themes: Emerging Approaches to Performance Management and Developing the New Knowledge Worker; How to Lead and Motivate New Generations; Organization Values & Beliefs Shifts That Create Agility;