Digital Transformation Simple Success Factors

November 10, 2019 5:00 pm


It's clear that just putting your business online isn't enough to digitally transform.  Many organizations have taken a decade or more to go-digital with a correspondingly large price tag.

Being digitally-savvy is a certain set of leadership and interpersonal tools and culture transformations that most organizations struggle to see and grasp. Many embark upon the journey but early on are halted by a painful point of clarity - that everything in their organization is connected, and taking their business online means disassembling as much or more than they intend to build.

In the frenetic race to get 'online', a tools-only course of action is agreed which runs into barrier after barrier of process and people alterations.

However, there is a clear and simple set of culture, leadership and dialogue alterations that pave the fastest most robust yield for digital transformation dollar, but first the organization as a whole must come to an understanding of why going-online is important and what going-digital means.  This talk explores what these alterations are with advice on how to accomplish them.

Paul Gossen

Bejing, China | Paul joins the conference to talk about how the ways in which we interact with each other either makes or breaks our ability to be successful in ...
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Themes: Business Transformation; Organization Values & Beliefs Shifts That Create Agility;