Being Real About Transformation Scope and Scale Mobilizes People

November 11, 2019 3:00 pm


The level of transparency in business is increasing as humanist and consumer concerns gain in importance. With this transparency and the growing sophistication of the knowledge worker, coupled with obvious patterns of upsizing, downsizing and rightsizing, the average worker knows when something they need to know isn't being said.

In pre-millennium decades workers either waited for new information or expressed their dismay when the scale of change was not being addressed, broached or conveyed.  But the comparatively silent obedience of past generations in the workplace is a thing of the past along with acceptance that one or few all-knowing people must be right and their authority respected without question.

This talk discusses the importance of casting aside the practice of saying little or nothing until concrete facts are known about transformation and move toward providing contextual information that is clear about the scale and complexity of transformative change... and the associated sea of unknowns.  Much harder than it sounds, so this talk describes the business case for communicating transparently and gives advice about how to go about making this fundamental shift in corporate culture and values.


Dr. Linda Miller

Vancouver Canada | Driven by a ‘grass-roots IT’ passion for empowering the lives of people through the technology Dr. Linda  Miller has worked on the leading edge of technology for ...
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Themes: Business Transformation; Organization Values & Beliefs Shifts That Create Agility;