Adam Henderson

London UK

For more than a decade I worked in Marketing at some of the world’s leading organisations and startups just as smartphones, social media and all things digital started to emerge, which transformed how businesses engaged with consumers. Here I saw first hand the change in consumer behaviour and was on the front line understanding these behaviour changes and experimenting with new ways of engaging and influencing this modern consumer. However, I noticed that while companies were willing to change for consumers, very few were willing to change for their employees who were also undergoing a transformation in behaviour, which was causing a growing disconnect in the workplace that was impacting employees and employers alike.

In a bid to understand what was causing this change of behaviour in modern employees and in turn how best to engage them, motivate them and know what work means for them, I started a website called the Millennial Mindset back in 2014. This started out as nothing more than an outlet to share with the world the behaviour changes I was seeing, mainly amongst Millennial employees, offering insights into this new type of employee mindset and how this was changing the world of work. In a short space of time the popularity of my insights and writing grew, with now 2 million+ people all over the world reading and commenting on my articles, clearly demonstrating the workplace disconnect I was describing was a real issue that needed solving and more importantly was not just confined to Millennials.