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Confirmed Speakers


Dr. Linda Miller

Vancouver Canada | Driven by a ‘grass-roots IT’ passion for empowering the lives of people through the technology Dr. Linda  Miller has worked on the leading edge of technology for much of her 35 year career. She was inspired to pursue a career in organizational change management in 1998 after observing the pervasive difficulty experienced by people of government and private sector organizations ...
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Janet Kieffer

Texas USA | Having been an acclaimed speaker across the US for a number of years, Janet Kieffer joins the conference to talk about the Millennial influences that are already shaping how our government and utility organizations view and value their employees, and how these influences are felt globally. Janet Kieffer has more than 25 years in the Power Industry that offers CEOs, ...
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Paul Gossen

Bejing, China | Paul joins the conference to talk about how the ways in which we interact with each other either makes or breaks our ability to be successful in transforming business once a digital transformation strategy has been set. Over the past 30 years, Paul Gossen has worked on dozens of strategic, digital and people transformation projects with fortune 500 companies around ...
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Ruth Gawthorpe

London UK | With a decades of experience helping organizations re-shape their corporate culture Ruth joins the conference to share knowledge and experience in unifying the workers view of their day to day effort with their understanding of the company’s goals. A common expression of what Ruth does is “high performance” but in Millennium Age terms its all about the meaning and place ...
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Somi Arian

London, UK | Somi Arian is a multi-award winning filmmaker, entrepreneur, speaker, Founder of Smart Cookie Media, and Co-Founder of Career Drive, the first online platform for millennials and Gen Z workplace training, which uses entertainment to teach emotional intelligence. Somi’s Documentary, “The Millennial Disruption” was referred to as“disruptive in its very approach” on BBC5 Live, and features industry leaders from The Economist, Marie Claire, Bentley, Steinway, Jaguar ...
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Trevor Gormley

Tennessee USA | Trevor Gormley is the founder of the Millennial View, a consulting firm dedicated to helping companies effectively integrate their current operations with new strategies to better fit the incoming generation of workers and consumers. After leaving UBS, Trevor was a Managing Partner at SentryStone Capital, a long/short quantitative hedge fund based out of Nashville. Trevor has frequently appeared on CNBC’s ...
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Vivek Iyyani

Singapore | Vivek Iyyani doesn’t just speculate about what it is to be a Millennial in a workplace steeped in Industrial Age thinking, he lives it and coaches peer Millennials in workplace success strategies.  Vivek brings a personal Millennial viewpoint as well as the Asia perspective on the Millennial Disruption. Having first addressed the quarter-century crisis – faced by youths in nearly every ...
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Invited, Declined

Dr. Seren Dalkiran

Netherlands | Regrettably Seren Will Not be Able to Present as Planned Dr. Seren Dalkiran is an award-winning expert in ...
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Benjamin Loh

Singapore | Millennials in Asia (MiA) is a curator of inspiration, wisdom and life hacks from some of the most ...
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Vaneeta Sandhu

San Francisco USA | Advocate for mental health and social issues impacting millennials and Generation Z both in andout of ...
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Jason Dorsey

Texas USA Bringing a new approach to solving generational challenges. I deliver customized keynote speeches on new ways to bridge ...
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