Streamed live on the iMind livestream site, directly from each speakers' location around the world. Sign-in to participate in any or all of the twenty-four 40-minute sessions using your laptop, tablet... or even your smartphone. Ask questions of the speakers by chat in real time - question period 10 mins after the talk. Watch and listen at home or wherever your day takes you!

Day one is a series of sessions where you'll gain a deep understanding of the influences and demands shaping how we work and do business and the profound changes in mindset we will all need to make - especially when reaching your consumer. Day two sessions dig into practical ways to adapt to reach and keep prospective employees, and what it takes to transform your organization to remain relevant and viable. Day three offers solutions to organization agility and dealing with increasing pace and decreasing certainty.

Who make it their business to understand Millennial and z-Gen considerations and concerns. iMind has curated speakers who make their living writing, speaking and advising on the 'millennial gap' the 'millennial disruption', and the impacts and responses businesses must adapt to as we head ever deeper into a new global context of living, being and doing business.

Explore the Unprecedented Global Shifts Shaping Our Businesses and Organizations

From motivating digitally native workers, to reaching prospective employees
and customers, to the nitty gritty of true business transformation.

Attend this inspiring and leading edge event that sheds a bright light on what the emerging 'age' is all about, what it is and how it will affect us ... and what it takes for businesses to stay relevant to their customers and viable in a context of shrinking budget and escalating speed.

Thought leaders from around the world who've made it their business to understand the unprecedented socio-economic conditions shaping our world present their perspectives and their work in defining what iMind calls the emerging Millennium Age.

Like it or not, continuous business transformation is your new normal! Tech companies, government organizations, and businesses in nearly every other industry confront unprecedented yet universal challenges in their efforts to transform from Industrial-Age-steeped to Millennium-Age-savvy organizations. The Business Transformation and the Millennium Age conference focuses on what it takes to adapt to emerging Millennium Age conditions. Presented by iMind Transformation, the conference is held annually and streams live around the world on the iMind conference platform.


November 10th 1pm to 6pm PST  |  November 11th 1pmto 6pm PST  |  November 12th 8am to 2pm PST

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The nature of the emerging Millennium Age has influence in every aspect of your business and organization and is moving at incredible speed, affecting…

  • How you hire
  • How your people lead
  • The place of ‘management’
  • What your learning development priorities, design and approach are
  • How corporate and employee performance is measured
  • How initiatives are run and managed
  • How change management is conducted
  • The degree, place and nature of governance

Corporate DNA is being altered by the unprecedented global shifts in speed, literacy, intelligence, humanism, and connectedness around the globe.  Expect the very identity of your corporation to rewrite itself in the next 5 years.

Why Everyone Should Attend

Whether you're an MBA student, marketing executive, recruiter, HR specialist, or IT manager;
someone who works on one project after another, part of a senior leadership team;
or a deeply experienced business transformation consultant.

The new tools and knowledge in this conference will position you and your organization to face Millennium Age challenges head on - with winning strategies in hand.

You'll look at your work and life differently,
with an angle on success you didn't have before.